How to purchase a loader with good quality

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a loader Purchase on selection loader depends on the manufacturer. Because the threshold for the production of this machine is not very high, which has also led to the continuous influx of manufacturers in recent years. How to identify the technical strength of manufacturers is very important, […]

Classification and use of loader

1、Engine power ① Small loader with power less than 74kw.② Medium loader with power of 74~147kw③ Large loader with power of 147~515kw④ Extra large loader with power greater than 515kw 2、Transmission type ① Hydro-mechanical transmission, small impact and vibration, long service life of transmission parts, convenient operation, automatic adjustment of vehicle speed and external load, […]

Selection principle of loader model

The loader is a kind of taxi stonework construction machinery widely used in highway, railway, construction, hydropower, port, mine and other construction projects. It is mainly used to shovel and load bulk materials such as soil, sand, lime, coal, etc., and also can perform light shoveling operations for ores, hard rocks, etc. Commonly used single-bucket […]

How to install the loader anti-slip chain

The anti-skid chain of the loader is obviously anti-skid, and it is an essential automobile safety product for vehicles in winter. The anti-skid chain of the loader is also called automobile anti-skid chain.Some drivers say that it doesn’t snow here in winter. Why do you want to load the anti-skid chains of the loader? Actually, […]

Precautions for use of loader anti-slip chain

Anti-slip chain function of loader When purchasing the loader anti-slip chain, we should note that there are three kinds of loader anti-slip chains in the market, one is steel, because it will damage the road facilities, so after the new road traffic law is issued, this kind of loader anti-slip chain will be banned. The […]

Working principle of wheel loader

The complete wheel loader is mainly composed of power system, transmission system, working device, working hydraulic system, steering hydraulic system, frame, operating system, braking system, electrical system, cab, cover, air conditioning system, etc. The working principles of the first five systems are described in detail below. Concise analysis of working principle of wheel loader The […]


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