How to install the loader anti-slip chain

The anti-skid chain of the loader is obviously anti-skid, and it is an essential automobile safety product for vehicles in winter. The anti-skid chain of the loader is also called automobile anti-skid chain.
Some drivers say that it doesn’t snow here in winter. Why do you want to load the anti-skid chains of the loader? Actually, that’s not the case. It is also very helpful to meet the muddy weather. It is mainly for anti-skid. Sometimes on the highway after getting off too much, you can use the anti-skid chain of the loader to play the role of anti-skid. Some people always save money and ignore safety. For example, an Audi after a sophomore year in the past few years lost control of its slide on the highway, resulting in the tragic situation of more than 20 vehicles colliding with each other, killing 8 people and injuring 23 people. Therefore, the anti-slide chain of the loader is an essential part of automobile safety.

Step 1: Prepare the loader

It is better to install and remove the chain in the driveway or some relatively safe places. Of course, when it is necessary to install or dismantle it on the way, it is necessary to be on a safe and flat road. Wherever you are, make sure that you have at least 10 feet of space in front of and behind the car to move the chain. At the same time, before touching any place near the tire, please ensure that the parking brake has been activated to avoid accidents. It is a good idea to use wood blocks to support the tire as an additional protective measure. Last but not least, clean up the excess snow on the tyres.

Step 2: Start to install the chain

First of all, confirm whether the car is driven by the front wheel or the rear wheel, because the chain must be hooked on the main group of tires. When you know which set of tires you need to apply the chain to, try to remove the snow around the tires to make a flat surface. Spread the chain under the car and place the first gear of each chain on the ground against the tire. Make sure that the side of the chain full of particles faces the ground, which is the part of the chain with the maximum traction.

Step 3: make the chain bite (or disengage)

If it is a rear-wheel drive car, you should reverse the chain and bite it tightly. If it is the front wheel, push it forward. Check whether each tire is fixed on the chain, and each side is overlapped with a gear. Then get on the car, start the engine, slowly and carefully take the chain to move the car forward or backward about 2 feet.

Step 4: Fix the chain

Once the tire is placed on the chain at right angles, pull off the port lapped on the top of the tire. Each end must be a device that completely matches the entire chain gear. Leave yourself 1 to 2 inches of space, and then fasten the device through the two opposite sides of the chain link.

Step 5: Protect the chain

Each rubber ring of the chain has 4 metal hooks evenly distributed around it. Each metal hook on the rim of the wheel hub cover of the tire is fixed crosswise in a crisscross manner. This ensures that the chain does not slip.



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