Mini wheel loader -WL20


Introducing the Mammut WL20, the ultimate front end loader that’s perfect for both personal and engineering use! This powerful machine features a new Final Tier 4 Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine that delivers unrivaled performance without the need for exhaust gas after-treatment systems, reducing maintenance costs and allowing you to focus on getting the job done.

Built with heavy-duty axles and a 2-speed gearbox, the Mammut WL20 offers impressive pulling force and travel speed. And with its full cab, equipped with heat for operator comfort, you can work in any weather conditions. Plus, the wide tire selection, optional traffic lights, and additional hydraulic options make it a versatile machine that’s perfect for snow removal, landscaping & tree work, construction, or farming.

Choose between a standard boom or an X-Tra boom configuration for more visibility and a higher lift capacity. And if you need to work in low clearance areas, the foldable ROPS is available. With a universal full-size SSL plate and hydraulic quick attach, the Mammut WL20 is the perfect solution for any job.

So why wait? Get your hands on the Mammut WL20 today and experience the power and versatility that this incredible machine has to offer!

Comprehensive loader Solution

WL20, a classic model produced by Mammut , is a versatile loader that can be used in various applications. This loader is designed with a sturdy steel plate, which ensures its durability in harsh environments. Its split transmission comes with a 280 torque converter that provides the necessary force for strong propulsion.

One of the primary applications of WL20 is in road construction. Its powerful hydraulic system makes it capable of carrying and transporting heavy materials, such as gravel and asphalt, with ease. The loader’s ability to switch attachments quickly through hydraulic quick hitch makes it ideal for construction sites, where it can be used for tasks such as digging trenches and loading materials.

WL20 is also suitable for agricultural applications such as farms. It can be used to transport and move animal feed, hay, and other agricultural materials around the farm. With the loader’s diverse attachments, it can perform tasks such as cleaning animal pens and handling manure.

Moreover, WL20 is useful in landscaping and forestry operations. It can be used to move logs and debris, clear brush and shrubs, and shape the terrain. Its snow blower attachment makes it ideal for snow removal during the winter season.

In summary, WL20 is a versatile loader that can be used in multiple scenarios, including road construction, construction sites, farms, snow removal, landscaping, and forestry operations. Its powerful hydraulic system and diverse attachment options make it a reliable and efficient tool for any job.


Axle drive,4WD drive 


2000 kg loading capacity, 5500 kg service weight


Japan high manganese iron steel


Standard with Yunnei, Xinchai euro 5 and Cummins diesel engine optional.


100 HP Kubota diesel engine


Precisely operate your attachment from the joystick

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