Our Factory

At our company, we’re on a mission to change the world through quality. It’s not just about creating a product, but about creating a product that stands the test of time and upholds our values of integrity and excellence.

To achieve this, we’re constantly innovating and integrating the latest technology into our manufacturing process. From advanced robotics and automation systems, to the Internet of Things, visual identification, and AI, we’re always striving to improve our processes and make them more efficient.

We believe that the future of manufacturing is digital, and that’s why we’ve implemented SCM project implementation and MES upgrading optimization to digitize our manufacturing management process. Our digital and online quality detection process utilizes intelligent detection and big data analysis to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality.

At our core, we are committed to delivering nothing less than the very best, and we’re proud to lead the way in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

Smart factory

Intelligent manufacturing

The Process

The brand new MAMMUT Qingzhou Factory is a shining example of cutting-edge industrial technology and digital innovation. With the implementation of visual identification, process simulation, and heavy load robots, the man-machine collaboration is more efficient than ever before, and production efficiency has skyrocketed. Not only has this led to a significant reduction in manufacturing costs, but it has also greatly improved the overall production process. At the core of the company’s philosophy is the construction of powerful factories that prioritize data collection and application, industrial software construction and application, and four key processes. By achieving fine control, decision-making data, and application scenarios, MAMMUT Qingzhou Factory was selected as one of the 100 excellent factories in China’s machinery industry. This recognition solidified MAMMUT Qingzhou Factory’s position as a “powerful factory,” making it the first certified national heavy industry manufacturer to achieve such distinction.

Green production

The company is dedicated to creating a domestic first-class energy-saving green environmental protection factory. We believe in sustainable development and are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the impact of our production processes on the environment. Our three system management system of quality, environment, and occupational health and safety, along with our energy conservation and emission reduction strategies, ensure that we are doing our part in protecting the environment. We prioritize green manufacturing with new processes and technologies. To reduce the use of harmful substances, we use water-based paint instead of oily paint, and solderless wire instead of lead wire. Additionally, we have set up an automatic powder spraying production line that uses electrostatic powder spraying method to automatically recover powder coatings, achieving an impressive 99% recovery efficiency. Our efforts have been recognized, and we are proud to have made significant progress towards becoming a green and sustainable factory.


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