Celebrating 18 years of manufacturing

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Seize the opportunity of history

2006 is the year when China’s large-scale infrastructure construction started. The market demand for large construction machinery is very strong. Among them, the largest demand is loader. At that time, OUJIN Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Qingzhou, the capital of machinery in China, was established.


Rapid rise

In just one year since its establishment, OUJIN has established distribution companies in more than 30 prefecture level cities in 12 provinces in China. In the first year of the company, we sold more than 2000 loaders. The rapid rise brings us great confidence. We have increased investment in R&D and produced more models.


Research and development

We carefully observe the market demand, carefully listen to the customer’s feedback, and then constantly improve and bring forth the new. We have three series of nine products. It covers models with loading capacity from 0.6 tons to 5 tons. Among them, the sales volume of star product 918 loader reached the first place in the market in 2009.


Growing from Strength to Strength

After 7 years of development, OUJIN has become a famous brand in China’s small loader market. We have established a sound sales, after-sales, logistics, warehousing system throughout the country. When people mention Oujin, they think of high-grade, solid and durable products. Also in this year, our new factory was announced and we introduced the most advanced production processes – such as laser cutting, welding robots, nano spray molding, 3D printing, etc.


Go to overseas market

With the improvement of brand awareness, more and more foreign customers come to us and put forward their unique customization requirements. OUJIN realized that the international market is a new continent that has not been opened. We have carefully studied many successful cases of international famous brands, and developed the telescopic boom loader T series according to the needs of foreign customers. And quickly opened the international market.


To participate in the exhibition

In 2016, we participated in the agricultural machinery exhibition in Hanover, Germany. Our products have been recognized by many dealers around the world. Since the beginning of this year, our foreign trade has ushered in a period of great explosion. Our dealers are all over Europe and they like our telescopic loader very much. We have established many after-sales service stations in Europe.


Business Flourishes

Our business has developed vigorously in 2020. We have set up a direct sales branch in Australia and a number of distribution points in Central Asia and South America. We have launched a new brand – MAMMUT, and also developed Rough terrain forklift series and skid steer loader series. Our new products have won a flood of praise. In this year, our sales volume exceeded 10000 units for the first time. OUJIN Machinery always guard against arrogance and impetuosity, and listen to the market feedback of customers with a humble heart.


New Growth

When we see that similar products in the market are increasingly similar, we have increased the pace of innovation, and the annual investment in new product research and development accounts for 30% of the total profits. Innovation has brought us new impetus for growth. Under the new consensus of the world, we are aware of our responsibility to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. In the future, we will introduce more new energy equipment, including lithium battery loaders and forklifts, solar power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, etc. The future is just beginning. We will stick to our original intention and cooperate with friends all over the world for win-win results


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