Rough terrain forklift series-H30


Introducing the Mammut H30, the ultimate compact rough terrain forklift that’s built to handle any challenge you throw its way! Whether you’re working on a construction site, farm, or any rugged terrain, the Mammut H30 is the perfect solution for your lifting needs.

Equipped with a full cab and heating system, the Mammut H30 ensures maximum operator comfort and protection in even the harshest weather conditions. Its wide tire selection and impressive 7.34ft height make it a versatile machine that’s ideal for a range of different jobs.

The H30 comes with a Duplex or Triplex mast, providing more visibility and an incredible lift capacity. Plus, with its powerful 50 HP Kubota 4 cylinder diesel engine, this machine is capable of handling even the toughest loads with ease.

The Mammut H30 boasts an impressive ground clearance of 37 cm, giving it excellent crossing capacity that will enable you to navigate any rough terrain with ease. And with its on-demand 4-wheel drive, you can be sure that this machine is both efficient and fuel-efficient, making it the perfect choice for any demanding job.

Experience the power and performance of the Mammut H30 rough terrain forklift for yourself and take your lifting capabilities to the next level!

Solution for material handling at bumpy terrain

The Mammut H30 is a rough-terrain forklift suitable for demanding conditions in various sectors such as construction, wood industry, events, and mining. Its compact size and 4500mm mini turning radius with 35-degree maximum steering angle give it excellent crossing capacity. The optimized width and wheelbase provide stability during operation. The robust and easy-to-use masts are designed for long loads and difficult environments. The H30’s torque converter transmission offers two speeds for efficient work. With its powerful lifting capacity, the H30 can handle heavy loads over rough terrain. The machine is versatile, reliable, and perfect for a range of applications that require lifting and transporting materials over challenging terrain. Whether you’re working in construction, wood processing, events, or mining, the Mammut H30 rough-terrain forklift is the ideal choice for all your lifting needs.

Lifting capacity



100% metal body

Lifting height

Max to 6000 mm


Automatic torque converter transmission


4 cylinder kubota or Yanmar engine


Automatic stay level

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